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A glimpse of the future with a Psychic Reading by Nadine (in person, or by phone or e-mailThe opportunity to select a magic candle, beautiful crystal jewelry a powerful crystal point, books, incense, or.......The chance to learn to read the Tarot cardsA life-changing energy balancing Healing SessionPurchase online or call 860-963-9500 and pick up your certificate at the store or receive it in the mail. Certificates are also good for merchandise.


The Cosmic Cat

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Now Available! Private Healing Sessions!

Green Eye

"Third Eye View" PSYCHIC PANEL

first fRIDAY of the month

(Call: 860-963-9500 or e-mail: thecosmiccat@yAHOO.COM for your session)

Store Hours

Monday through Saturday 11:30-5

Closed Wednesday

Open Sunday by appointment only

Enjoy a hot cup of tea with your choice of three professional Psychic Readers and be prepared to hear about their glimpses of your future , answers to your important questions, messages from those who have crossed over, and a fresh perspective on your life!!

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The Cosmic Cat 30 Front Street Putnam, CT 860-963-9500

Featuring Psychic Readings by Nadine

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