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Psychic Medium, Teacher, Consultant

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Nadine is available for readings by telephone, e-mail, or preferably, in person. She is also available for parties within 40 miles of Putnam, CT.

As owner of The Cosmic Cat Metaphysical Shop in Putnam, CT for the past 15 years, Nadine's reputation for spirit-lifting, accurate, and often amusing sessions has made her the most sought after psychic reader in the area. Without questions or prompts, Nadine will provide you with much needed answers specifically for you.

Psychically aware and clairvoyant since childhood, Nadine receives messages and information in pictures and in thoughts that she "translates" and communicates in language that is clear and understandable. Proficient in many of the tools of divination (i.e. Tarot, Psychometry, Palmistry, etc.), she excels at her unique method of reading the crystals.

Crystals possess vibrations that allow the sending and receiving of messages. Nadine has selected a set of natural crystals that she uses to assist her in relating information from your past, present, and future. In person or from a distance, her accuracy is amazing and far reaching.

Proficient in Tarot, her gift reaches beyond the energy of the cards to go past fears and desires to truth and the larger picture. Through the use of a technique that she devised, she can help you to use the Tarot to remove blocks from the past, change perceptions, and to create the best possible outcome for your life.

Nadine uses Psychometry as a tool when accessing the Spirit World to receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Psychometry is the art of reading the energy within an object such as jewerly. The object can belong either to the one who is wishing contact or to the soul who has crossed over.

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