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A glimpse of the future with a Psychic Reading by Nadine (in person, or by phone or e-mailThe opportunity to select a magic candle, beautiful crystal jewelry a powerful crystal point, books, incense, or.......The chance to learn to read the Tarot cardsA life-changing energy balancing Healing SessionPurchase online or call 860-963-9500 and pick up your certificate at the store or receive it in the mail. Certificates are also good for merchandise.


The Cosmic Cat

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Now Available! Private Healing Sessions!


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Monday through Saturday noon-5

Closed Wednesday

Open Sunday by appointment only

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Develop & Expand Your Intuition!

Following the easy to understand information booklet, you will navigate with the energy of the natural Crystals and Runes onto the Wheel of Aspects cloth to determine the past, present, and future of your or another's personal story.

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Featuring Psychic Readings by Nadine

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